Front Range Pediatric Therapies

Julie H


I have been fortunate enough to serve the community of Colorado Springs as a speech-language pathologist and small business owner for over 25 years. As a mom to a premie child with significant feeding challenges, my passion for the field of speech-language pathology stems directly from my own personal experiences. This background guides my decisions as a therapist and business owner from a unique perspective as I can relate first-hand to the frustrations and heartache that comes when your child is in need of assistance. 

I received my Masters degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Southern Illinois University / Edwardsville and have worked as a speech-language pathologist in a variety of settings including the hospital systems, long-term care, schools, early intervention, and outpatient rehab. Each experience has helped me learn and grow as a therapist and continues to be the inspiration for my vision of Front Range Pediatric Therapies. Countless times, I have witnessed the significant benefit to using evidence-based treatment plans and activities in a child’s natural environment with the involvement of siblings and parents. I feel strongly that this model yields results that are easier maintained by families in the long-term and is why I have dedicated my career to providing the best in-home therapeutic intervention for each of our patients.

Outside of my time as a therapist and business owner, I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and paddle boarding. I recently re-married an amazing man who swept me away from the place I called home. I am blessed to be able to split my time between Colorado and Nashville, TN.